GeoMedia Smart Client

Dynamically Jumpstart Your GIS

GeoMedia Smart Client

GeoMedia Smart Client empowers individuals and departments to collectively ignite your dynamic GIS. Geographic changes are easily and interactively implemented across an enterprise-wide smart GIS, seamlessly integrating into customised workflows. You determine these vibrant geospatial business workflows, providing a level of sophistication not supported by legacy out-of-the-box horizontal software products. GeoMedia Smart Client is offered within the PLATFORM SUITE of the Power Portfolio. The Platform Suite enables you to create your own unique application on top of a solid foundation of powerful geospatial functionality. Supported by robust toolkits, detailed instructions, and interactive developer communities, you can build custom web, mobile, and other smart enterprise solutions.

Discover The Power of Geography

GeoMedia Smart Client is for users interested in harnessing the power of geography and applying it to build a smarter world. Your end users will leverage advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools, streamlining their processes and honing their expertise doing their job smarter. Workflow optimisation and intuitive web editing will be a reality embraced across your organisation.

Business Logic And Efficient Workflows

At GeoMedia Smart Client’s core is a highly configurable rules and workflow engine for implementing life-cycle workflows, feature-level access control, data validation and behavior, and integration to other systems. A simple user interface guides users with task-specific forms and workflows, increasing productivity and data quality. The coordinated access, data models, and lifecycles increase information sharing and re-use. This avoids the inefficiencies, errors, and risks that usually come with different departments working on their own silos of data.

High-End Geospatial Functionality

GeoMedia Smart Client fuses geospatial technology into your core business workflows, and supports advanced geospatial functionality, such as capturing and editing data, snapping tools, redlining, and also high-end geospatial queries. Process experts can predefine reports, forms, and plot layouts so that non-GIS experts simply enter their information. Vector data support includes read/write from Oracle (10g and higher), Microsoft SQL Server (2008 and higher), and PostgreSQL (9.0 and higher) databases, all using supporting spatial extensions.  

Simple Deployment And Management

Deployed on the standard Hexagon App Launcher, GeoMedia Smart Client is self-configuring. This provides a high-performance client platform compatible with most major operating systems (Windows, LINUX, Mac, etc.) without depending on third-party products or the administrative issues that arise from browser versions and settings or operating system compatibilities. GeoMedia Smart Client communication between the client and application servers is entirely based on Web services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). 

GeoMedia Smart Client

This webinar will provide an update on GeoMedia Smart Client, along with showing new planning and asset data capture workflows.