GeoMedia Smart Client

Dynamically Jumpstart Your GIS

GeoMedia Smart Client allows all users in an organisation to share and integrate geographic data into bespoke workflow processes.

It provides end-users with easy-to-use map-based tools for advanced geospatial functionality. With GeoMedia Smart Client, workflow optimisation and intuitive web editing is made easy, organisations can create intelligent enterprise geospatial business workflows that would not be possible with legacy out-of-the-box desktop GIS products.


Efficient Use of Resources

Untangle users from non-essential tasks and focus their effort through highly-productive, map-based workflows.


Guide users through the execution of complex tasks without compromising accuracy or productivity.  An easy and intuitive interface also reduces the need for training and the associated costs.

Versatile GIS

A single deployment supports an unlimited number of users in the office and the field, making it the perfect GIS for a smarter organisation.

Reduces Cost and complexity

GeoMedia Smart Client’s technology removes many of the IT support overheads associated with installing and supporting desktop and browser-based products.  A self-configuring and updating “Smart Client” reduces the cost in buying and maintaining underutilised desktop GIS licences (and associated hardware).