M.App Enterprise

The Complete GIS Platform

M.App Enterprise engages the “Monitor – Evaluate – Act” paradigm. The platform allows you to easily monitor real-world changes, evaluate the impact, and act on the results. M.App Enterprise provides a unified geospatial enterprise platform that enables customers and partners to configure vertical solutions for their markets and industry segments.

M.App Enterprise lets you smartly monitor infrastructure, traffic, land parcels, and any assets by processing all your sensor, weather, and operational data in a single platform. Leverage machine learning algorithms visualise the results in 2D and 3D in interactive dashboards and set up workflows for fieldworkers to capture information on mobile devices.

3D Visualisation And Analytics

Combine terrain data, 3D structures, meshes, 360° panoramic imagery and point clouds for accurate positioning and realistic transitions. Apply shading, depth of field and shadow effects to 3D data to simulate light sources realistically. Perform accurate measurements on your 3D data. Expression-based styling and selection-based database filtering.

Configure Business Workflows

Create typical workflows that run day-to-day in the enterprise environment. Implement highly configurable rules for life-cycle workflows, feature-level access control, data validation and behavior, and integration into other systems. Edit attribute data with the help of lists and forms.

Geoprocessing Engine

Run Spatial Recipes, or spatial models, to analyse data and create custom outputs. Offers hundreds of functions, analytical routines and algorithms, including machine learning algorithms based classification operators that can be used to perform supervised and unsupervised raster and vector classification.

Administer Role-Based Access

Users can easily see and access the apps assigned to them. Administrators can assign roles, build and customise apps, and view statistics. User management is available out of the box or can
integrate with your existing authentication system.

M.App Enterprise in Ireland

Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director, IMGS, explains how M.App Enterprise is being used in Ireland and what the benefits of the solution are.