ERDAS Apollo

Manage and Share Your Data

Comprehensive Data Management and Delivery.

ERDAS® APOLLO provides comprehensive data management and delivery. This includes organising geospatial and business data into a centralised library, and distributing that data from the cloud. 

Complete with a variety of delivery options, ERDAS APOLLO consistently delivers geospatial data faster and with less hardware than competing server-based products.

Implementing an out-of-the-box, service-oriented architecture (SOA), ERDAS APOLLO can be customised and extended to satisfy both your geospatial and business process requirements.

Completely Interoperable

ERDAS APOLLO embraces OGC services as a primary,
native implementation for accessing data. This ensures
the greatest interoperability and flexibility when
integrating ERDAS APOLLO into your current workflows.

A Host of Delivery Options

ERDAS APOLLO provides the greatest flexibility for
geospatial data delivery, enabling dissemination into any
client, on any device. Distribution can occur in a variety
of ways, including through a host of OGC standard web
services, tile delivery, streaming, downloading, and even
the ability to Clip-Zip- Ship data via email and FTP. Even
large LiDAR datasets managed within ERDAS APOLLO can
be streamed to end users on any device

Server-Side Geoprocessing

Traditional solutions for running spatial models like
change detection and site analysis tend to rely on a small
number of data analysts. These experts use rich client
software to respond to individual requests from end
users, and many times they are working from a backlog.
ERDAS APOLLO empowers many more end users at the
organization to create value-added data products by
themselves, with no need to learn new software.

Erdas Apollo Data Manager

This video will give a simple overview of the ERDAS APOLLO Data Manager Interface and how to connect to an ERDAS APOLLO server instance.